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Lifestyle Tips for Respiratory Health

The Taste For Life Staff
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With a little vigilance and diligence, you can keep your lungs at their peak condition.

Ways to Improve Respiratory Health

  • Exercise Your Lungs

    To withstand respiratory problems, and feel better in general, you should build and maintain lung strength.

    • Light Aerobic Exercises

      Regular exercise may also lessen breathlessness, but start slowly, gradually increasing in intensity.

      • Walking
      • Yoga
      • T'ai Chi
      Asthma Caution

      Should exercise induce asthma, watch your salt intake. Asthmatics on a high-sodium diet have more trouble breathing while working out than do those who use less salt.

    • Healthy Breathing Exercises

      Daily breathing exercise can improve lung function. Try this:

      1. Inhale deeply through the nose, pulling in the abdominal muscles.
      2. Exhale slowly through the mouth, with the tongue pressed between the roof of the mouth and the top of the teeth.
      3. Repeat for approximately 10 minutes, several times a day.
  • Avoid Common Irritants

    • Smoke

      Anyone with sensitive lungs obviously wants to avoid breathing in smoke, whether it's from a cigarette, a grill, or a campfire.

    • Household Chemicals

      Choose all-natural unscented household cleaners. Otherwise, you're adding unwanted toxins and unnecessary particles to indoor air.

  • Get Fresh Air

    ...and plenty of it, on the regular. This should go without saying!