About Nature's Market

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Nature's Market is a family owned business that began out of the desire to make organic, whole foods and natural products available to the Southwest Michigan area. We started out purchasing products at a local food-buying cooperative and opened our first storefront in 1987, becoming more accessible to the larger community. We have always been committed to sustainability for the benefit of our community and planet. Through our dedication to our local economy--we bridge you, the consumer, with the farmer whenever possible by offering local products. We recognize our interdependence within the larger community and for this reason we offer community resources, donate to charitable organizations, and offer everyday customer discounts. We want our customers to know that for every dollar spent at a locally owned business, a greater proportion stays in the community. It is our mission to make clean eating and healthy lifestyles accessible to all. We are devoted to your well being and that is why we always strive to offer friendly, knowledgeable and individualized assistance. For us, a happy customer is a healthy customer and we make it our mission to make your experience both beneficial and enjoyable!


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